Why the ADHD Blog

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder continues to remain a controversial diagnosis despite the fact that millions of children, adolescents and adults are diagnosed with ADHD.  The goal of this blog is to offer a forum in which issues involving ADHD can be diagnosed in a thoughtful manner.  The Blog will focus primarily on the 4 topics or issues listed below.  Please click on each topic for the most recent posts involving these areas.

  • The Nature of ADHD: what is ADHD, i.e., how do we understand the disorder?
  • Assessment: what is the most effective way(s) to diagnosis/assess for ADHD?
  • Treatment: what are the most interventions/approaches to treatment?
  • Controversies: what are the current controversies involving ADHD?

My hope is that this blog can provide a reasoned approach to the discussion of these issues, one that is based on research and theory, rather than on opinion and anecdote. Over time, I will provide summary posts regarding: the nature of ADHD (what the disorder is); how to best assess ADHD; and the most effective approaches for treating ADHD. At present, my views on these issues are summarized on the Centers for Family Change website, in the section on ADHD.