About Peter Perrotta, Ph.D.

Let me begin by describing my background, training, and current professional activities and interests:

My background and training: I am a licensed psychologist in the State of Illinois. I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1983.  I completed a one year post-doctoral  internship at Ravenswood Hospital’s Community Mental Heath Center in 1981-1982. In addition, I have 3 years of post-degree training,  in marriage and family therapy,  through the Family Systems program, at the Institute of Juvenile Research. I have worked in private practice, at the Centers for Family Change since its inception in 1985. I am the President and one of the founders of Centers for Family Change.  I have also worked in hospital settings and community mental, and worked as a consultant.

Current professional activities: I am the President and owner of the Centers for Family Change. I manage the practice which currently has 4 offices and a staff of 20+ therapists.  I  provide outpatient therapy to children, adolescents, families, couples and individual adults. I am also a member of the IPA ethics committee. In addition, I continue to present to professionals on a wide range of topics ranging from ADHD, to Family Therapy, to Ethics and Risk Management.

Current interests: My professional interests are divided into several areas. First, I have have a particular interest in families and family systems. Out of this interest I have specialized in working with adolescents and their families, and with couples concerns.  I work extensively with adolescents who are experience behavioral and emotional problems. I also frequently work with couples, particularly those struggling with chronic conflict and issues of infidelity. Second, I have specialized in the treatment and evaluation of ADHD in all age groups. I have worked extensively with ADHD since the late 1980s. Third, I have a strong  interest in the areas of ethics and risk management. Fourth, I am increasingly interested in understanding what factors promote therapeutic effectiveness and have spearheaded the Centers for Family Change in instituting Feedback Informed Therapy.

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