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How We Can Help: Our Approach to Therapy

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Our work with children and adolescents is based on a thorough understanding of child and family development, coupled with an extensive knowledge of the problems and disorders of childhood and adolescence.

Using the approach that fits your child's needs: There are a number of approaches or ways of working with children and adolescents. Our therapists are skilled in using a variety of approaches and will recommend the therapy that they think best meets your child's or teenager's needs.

Family Involvement: Because children and adolescents are not adults and are not fully capable of managing their own lives, parents need to be involved in their therapy. We view parents as part of the solution, not part of the problem. Thus, no matter the approach we take to help your child, we want you to be involved.

Individual Therapy

By talking with a child or teenager we can help them better identify what may be bothering them, learn to understand and talk out their feelings, overcome self-doubts and fears, and develop new skills. Many children, particularly teenagers, benefit from having a place where they can talk out their concerns, without feeling judged, as well as having a place where they will receive guidance and sound advice.

Play Therapy

Children who have suffered a loss or other trauma, or who are coping with changes in their lives, may benefit from Play Therapy. Play Therapy provides young children with a way of expressing and working through their feelings.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Research has shown that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is effective with many problems, particularly: Panic Attacks, Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Depression. We have a number of therapists who are adept in using Cognitive Behavioral approaches with children and adolescents. We work with children and teens to help them more realistically evaluate their thinking and develop more effective strategies for overcoming and managing anxiety, depression and self-doubts.

Family Therapy

By involving all family members in therapy we can help family members identify ways to improve communication and problem solving. We can help parents address discipline problems by helping them find more effective ways to exercise parental authority, while still taking into account the needs and feelings of their children and teenagers. Finally, family therapy is a way for all family members to be involved, work together to solve problems and reinforce their commitment to each other.

Parent Coaching

When parents are concerned about the behavior of young children, when a child is having difficulty participating in therapy, or when older children or teenagers are very resistant to therapy, we can work with parents on ways to more effectively help their children and teenagers.

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