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About Our Voice Mail

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For New Clients (or for more information about our services):

Please call 630 586-0900 and leave a message in the New Client Mail Box, option # 1.
One of our therapists will return your call, answer your questions and help you select the Centers for Family Change therapist who best meets your needs.

To reach a specific therapist:

Please call 630 586-0900 and then enter the voice mail box number of your Centers for Family Change therapist. Check for your therapist's voice mail box number here.

Why the Centers for Family Change uses voice mail:

We understand that not everyone likes voice mail but we find it the most effective system for reaching your therapist. Therapists cannot always be available to take phone calls. By using voice mail we better protect your privacy as you do not have to leave a message with a receptionist or answering service. Moreover, when you leave a voice mail message your therapist is paged automatically, within minutes.

In an Emergency

In an emergency situation you can either: call 911, go to your nearest emergency room, or page our On-Call therapist, who will respond to your call within 30 minutes. If you cannot wait for a return call please call 911 or go to the emergency room.

The On-Call therapist is one of our full time staff. We rotate being on call on a weekly basis. The On-Call therapist will do his/her best to assist your with your emergency situation. The On-Call therapist cannot pass your emergency call on to your therapist, but will notify your therapist about your call after s/he has responded to your situation.

There is no way to emergency page your therapist. You can always leave a message for your therapist, but there is no guarantee that your therapist will return the call immediately. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for responding to emergency messages left in therapists' voice mail boxes.

All true emergency messages should be returned with in 30 minutes. If you do not receive a return call within this time please call back. If you cannot wait for a return call or if, due to circumstance beyond our control (e.g., pager/voice mail malfunction), we do not receive your message, please call 911, contact your family physician or the nearest emergency room.

Voice mail does not always work

While we have found our voice mail paging system to be very effective and reliable it does not work perfectly. On rare occasions the entire system has failed (briefly), and on occasion a therapist has not received a message due to a pager malfunction, disruption in cell tower messaging, or other factors beyond our control. If you do not receive a return call please call us again.

You can always leave a message in the New Client mailbox if there is a problem with your therapist’s mailbox.


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