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What services does your insurance cover?

Your insurance will cover individual therapy. Many plans cover family therapy and psychological testing. Marital therapy is not covered. However, a spouse or partner can accompany you to your individual therapy.

How much of your fee your insurance covers is something you need to check with your insurance provider. Please note that insurance may cover therapy (mental/behavioral healthcare services) at a different rate than medical services are covered.

You must receive a diagnosis to use your insurance benefits

For insurance to cover your therapy you will need to receive a diagnosis. Therapy is covered by your insurance only when therapy is for the purpose of treating a specific problem or problems, a diagnosable disorder. This diagnosis will be part of your insurance record.

What is not covered by your insurance

Your insurance has the right to exclude coverage for a variety of services. Most insurance plans do not cover educational testing, the cost of specific rating scales your therapist may recommend, charges for writing reports or letters, and charges for your therapist attending school staffings or other meetings. If you want these services please talk with your therapist about the cost for these services.

Some caveats about using your insurance

When you use your insurance to cover therapy services this means that your therapist has diagnosed you with a specific psychological/psychiatric problem/illness. This diagnosis will become part of your insurance record. Please note that the Centers for Family Change cannot guarantee confidentiality of information shared with insurance companies. Also, please keep in mind that if you plan to apply for disability insurance, life insurance, or seek to become self-insured that this diagnosis may be considered when your application is being processed and may even result in your application being denied.

Please note: You have the right to decide to not use your insurance.

Managed Care Benefits

Your insurance coverage may require that you obtain authorization to receive coverage or a better rate of coverage. Please be sure to check your insurance to determine if this is the case. If you have an HMO plan you will need authorization for your insurance to pay for therapy services.

Remember, if you must receive pre-certification to receive coverage for therapy services your managed care company/HMO/insurance company has the right to limit or deny services (type and amount of therapy).

If you need authorization or pre-certification your managed care company requires that your therapist provide information about your treatment. This information will include your diagnosis and may include additional information about your treatment: problems, goals, and treatment progress and plan.

Questions about Billing

We will do our best to resolve all your questions about billing and insurance prior to the start of therapy. We can check your benefits, if you fax us your insurance card, prior to beginning therapy. Please talk with your therapist if you have questions about billing/insurance.

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