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Rebecca DeNosaquo, Psy.D.

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Professional Licensure:
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Mood and Conduct Problems in Children and Adolescents
Family Therapy
Depression and Mood Disorders
Women's Issues and Concerns of Female Adolescents
Relationship Problems in Adults

Locations and Hours:
Oakbrook: Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays (evening hours Wednesday & Thursday); starting September 2013, Tuesdays (evening hours)


My General Approach to Therapy

I believe that the most powerful tool a therapist can have in his or her toolbox is the ability to develop strong therapeutic relationships with one’s clients. Thus, my initial focus is on working with you to make therapy a safe place where you feel you can explore difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences and develop new ways of living.

Within the therapy relationship, I aim to balance understanding with change. This involves an emphasis on understanding the "what’s, why’s and how’s" of both problem situations and problem solutions (i.e., How did this problem develop? Why am I feeling this way? What’s getting in my way of doing something different? What strategies can I use to address the problem? How do I implement those strategies?). I work with you collaboratively to make connections between past experiences and present struggles, identify problematic patterns that are hindering you from developing healthier relationships, and use your new understandings to make meaningful, lasting changes in your life.

Helping Children, Adolescents and Families

One of the biggest challenges in working with children and adolescents is motivating them to participate in therapy. Often, children and teenagers are reluctant to participate in therapy. When this is the case, I work to help the child or adolescent identify at least one thing he or she wants to change. I use this as a starting point for therapy. Usually, once therapy is grounded in what the child or teenager is motivated to focus on, their original reluctance lifts. As therapy unfolds I try to help parents and children come to a better understanding of the problems they are seeking help for and develop new, more effective skills and approaches to solving those problems. To achieve these goals I may work individually with the child or adolescent, to help them learn to better understand themselves, express their feelings, and take more responsibility for their actions and choices. I also work with families to help family members resolve conflicts, improve communication skills, and more effectively manage stresses that are affecting them.

Professional Education

M.A. in Counseling Psychology – 2002 Northwestern University
Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology- 2006 Chicago School of Professional Psychology

To reach Dr. DeNosaquo, call 630-586-0900 and leave a message at ext. 29.

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