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Shari Liebling, Psy.D.

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Professional Licensure:
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Adolescence
Relationship Problems
Anxiety & Depression (all ages)
Family Concerns
Depression and Mood Disorders
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Locations and Hours
Buffalo Grove: Mondays & Wednesdays (evenings), Saturdays

Problems of Adolescence

Adolescence is a particularly challenging time of life. On one hand teens are striving to take charge of their own lives, while on the other hand they still need the guidance and support of their parents. I help teens identify ways they can take more responsibility for themselves, more carefully consider the choices they have to make, while accepting that they still need the support and guidance of their parents. I also focus with parents on finding more effective ways to guide and support their teens. Thus, I work individually with teens, but also work with families to address parents’ concerns.

Posttraumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Mood Disorders

The pressures and stresses of modern life can at times overwhelm us: leaving us anxious and depressed. I work with individuals to help them learn to cope more effectively with the stresses and challenges of their lives. I have a particular interest in working with people who have suffered serious traumas. I focus on helping those who have experienced a trauma rebuild their lives and regain a sense of control and well-being.


I have an easy-going, warm style, which I believe makes it easy for my clients to relate to me and share even the most difficult concerns. I take an active role as a therapist, partnering with my clients to help you understand the factors contributing to your current difficulties. I help my clients differentiate between the things they can change and the things beyond their control. I see my role as helping you work on changing those things that are within your control.

Biographical Information

Dr. Liebling joined the Centers for Family Change in October 2006. In addition to working there, she currently is Director of Residential Services at a residential facility for children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral problems.

Professional Education

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology, 1999 Chicago School of Professional Psychology

To reach Dr. Liebling, call 630-586-0900, and leave a message at extension 27.

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